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Whom We Can Help

Whom We Can Help

The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice, counsel and representation, training, and risk management services to Appalachian State University, to its constituent units and affiliated entities, and to its trustees, officers, employees, and student leaders while acting on the university's behalf.

Not one of these people? Try our campus partner at the Appalachian State University Student Legal Clinic, in the Division of Student Affairs.

Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Our legal team provides a wide range of services on all matters having legal significance for Appalachian. Learn more about our services.

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Legal & Risk Management Topics

Contracts Process/Management

A contract is any document that imposes an obligation on the University or legally binds the University to another party.

Delegation of Signature Authority

Pursuant to applicable provisions of the North Carolina General Statutes and Board of Governors' policies, the chancellor at each institution has...

Facility Use

Appalachian State University encourages the free exchange of ideas on its campus while assuring that other important University interests and...

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