Services We Provide

Our legal team provides a wide range of services on all matters having legal significance for Appalachian including, but not limited to:

  • Risk and liability evaluation and prevention;
  • Advice on the legal implications of proposed policies and actions;
  • Counsel on compliance with state and federal laws and administrative regulations;
  • Drafting, reviewing or negotiating of University contracts; and
  • Coordination of Appalachian’s real, personal, and intellectual property interests.

For specific advice, browse our Legal Topics or check out our Legal Practice Groups.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Appalachian State University Office of General Counsel is to provide legal services for the University in pursuit of the following objectives:

  1. Assisting in the achievement of University goals within the framework of state and federal laws, and policies and plans adopted by the Board of Governors, President, Board of Trustees, and Chancellor;
  2. Compliance with applicable local, state, federal, and international laws in all activities undertaken by the University; and
  3. Education and training of University officers and employees to prevent or appropriately resolve disputes affecting the University’s operations.


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The members of the Office of General Counsel are highly respected leaders in the legal and risk management communities. We are each personally invested in the mission and vision of the university. We strive to always act with the highest professionalism and integrity and to treat our campus partners with the respect that they deserve as we work collaboratively to achieve Appalachian’s strategic goals. We value the trust our campus partners place in us every day and we will continue to work hard to maintain that trust and to build even greater trust.
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The members of the Office of General Counsel have nearly seven decades of collective legal and risk management practice experience. Our backgrounds span a wide spectrum of legal practice areas, which allows us to be efficient and effective problem solvers as we address the varied legal and risk management concerns of the university. Our campus partners can have confidence that the university’s legal and risk management team will always provide the soundest advice and counsel possible, drawing on the wisdom gained over many years of practice.

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The members of the Office of General Counsel have a proven track record of successfully resolving issues of legal significance to the university. We focus daily on honing our craft and becoming ever stronger practitioners to ensure that we can always effectively tackle the legal needs of our campus partners. We strive to always be a consistent, trustworthy and reliable legal partner to our campus partners.

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The members of the Office of General Counsel stand ready to respond to the legal and risk management needs of our campus partners. We understand that the value we bring to the table as strong legal and risk management practitioners is useless to our campus partners if we cannot respond to their needs quickly enough. We strive to bring a level of responsiveness with our legal and risk management services that will allow our campus partners to take full advantage of opportunities and help the university achieve its strategic goals.