In response to the ever-shifting regulatory landscape in higher education, which has been exacerbated by the advent of COVID, Chancellor Sheri Everts authorized the creation of a new division in the fall of 2021-the Division of Institutional Integrity-that includes the following enterprise-wide legal, risk and compliance functions that report to the General Counsel:

    • Office of General Counsel
    • Office of Enterprise Risk Management
    • Office of Disability Resources
    • Office of Title IX Compliance
    • Office of Compliance and Ethics (which is under development and will include Clery Act Compliance)
    • Office of Internal Audits

    The Division of Institutional Integrity supports Appalachian by driving a campus culture of compliance and facilitating the University’s ability to maximize strategic opportunities while minimizing liability exposure.  This allows the University to achieve its academic mission and strategic plan while adhering to ethical, legal and regulatory responsibilities, thus creating a unique environment to comply with the extensive regulations and administrative oversight applicable to operations.

    On September 12, 2022, the Office of General Counsel hosted the first retreat of the newly formed Division in order to further develop the relationships of the units making up the Division.