Jeremy Bentham (“JB”) Father of Utilitarianism

Philosopher Jeremy Bentham was born in 1748 and was a child prodigy, who studied at Oxford University at 12 years of age. He was trained as a lawyer but never practiced and died at the age of 84.  He requested his body and head be preserved for scientific research which is on display in London. He is considered the father of utilitarianism, a moral theory that argues that actions should be judged right or wrong to the extent they increase or decrease human well-being or utility. He believed that if the consequences of an action are good, then the act is moral and if the consequences are bad, the act is immoral.

After a lengthy discussion amongst the OGC staff, a replica of JB was created as a “gift” to General Counsel Paul Meggett and is the unofficial OGC legal mascot. The OGC hopes that JB will have a wonderful permanent home with Appalachian State University’s Department of Philosophy and Religion.



Directions to the Office of General Counsel (Suite 312):

The Office of General Counsel is located on the 3rd floor of B.B. Dougherty at 438 Academy Street, Boone, NC 28608.  To access by car, turn on Dauph Blan Drive (across the street from Stick Boy Bread on Hardin Road) then make an immediate left onto University Drive.  There will be parking along the road and please use one of those spots if available.  Our building is located directly atop the front stairs (nestled within the Rhododendron), across from the tennis courts.  Once you get to the stop sign there is additional parking straightforward, or sometimes you might have to circle around (make a left at the stop sign onto Center Street, then left at the light which will put you on Rivers Street and left again at the next light back onto Hardin Street).  If you have trouble finding a space, you can branch out to the surface lots further up Hardin Street at either Cannon Hall, Dogwood Hall, or Legends.  

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The Office of General Counsel Conference Room (Suite 304) is located on the 3rd Floor of the B.B. Dougherty building (if using the elevator, the conference room is on the left upon exiting)